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Pickle and Passivating

Duva has developed products to make the cleaning and passivating processes of stainless steel and aluminium both simple and effective.

The products are:


Proper passivation of stainless steel against an attacking environment requires that the proper pre-treatment be employed to ensure a clean surface. DUVA - PPC is an effective pre-passivating treatment for all stainless steels, both Austenitic and Ferritic. It removes residual grease, grime and most oxide to provide a surface suitable for passivation.


DUVA – AP JEL is specifically developed for use on Austenitic stainless steels, namely 316, 316L, 304, 304L, 310 and 321. The Thixotropic nature of this thick liquid or gel allows it to be applied quickly and evenly using a brush or spray equipment, while providing a good surface cling to prevent it running off a vertical surface. DUVA – AP is a unique blend of acids, wetting agents, inhibitors and thickeners, but contains no chlorides because of their corrosive nature.


DUVA – 3P JEL has similar properties to DUVA – AP but has been formulated specifically to meet the weld cleaning needs of Ferritic stainless steels like 3CR12, 430 and 409.


DUVA – SP JEL is a passivating treatment for all stainless and corrosion resisting steels. This product achieves exceptional passivity in order to prevent corrosion.


DUVA – ALB is an aluminium cleaner and brightener that etches the fabrication to a uniform finish.

Duva also offers a 500ml AP Paste which is used for pickling austenitic and duplex stainless steel welds and heat affected zones. It can be used for localized touch ups and contaminated areas.

NOTE: DUVA – AP, DUVA – 3P and DUVA – SP can also be supplied in a liquid form for those fabricators who wish to immerse the entire article in a bath or for pumping through piping systems.

Duva Weld Cleaning and Passivating Products contain acids which can be hazardous when not handled correctly.
Please contact Duva Chemicals for any other information on the use of products and SDS.